Vegetable tanned leather edge

Hello to members who like leather product,my name is Della.Recently,I sorted out a vegetable tanning leather edge of the tutorial, this content is mainly for the novice, the process is relatively easy to understand, come and learn about it.


First,let's make a brief introduction to the tool:

From left to right: cotton swabs, sealing liquid, sandpaper, polished rods, cut edge device (the rectangle is two bonded leather).
The leather is from the 2.0mm thick Italian original color tanning, the two pieces are stuck together.

First of all need to use the cutting knife on the edge of a simple fit, especially when the multi-layer bonding, it is difficult to achieve complete alignment. When you use the knife should pay attention to the point is that the blade must use the flat side, because the angle is not easy to shovel distortion, as far as possible the knife grinding is very sharp, the other hand do not put in front of the blade, You need to practice more to be skilled.
The edge of the knife is not very flat, this time still need to sandpaper to polish, but if you do not have the knife to dress, then sandpaper grinding will be very time-consuming, so use the knife to rest it is to improve efficiency.
Use the appropriate type of cutting edge device, the plant will be cut on both sides of the edge of the chamfering.
Like this cut after both positive and negative sides like the figure, the edge is a semi-circular.
With a cotton swab with water to cut the edge of it will be wet, the water should not be more, the most important is coated evenly.
With 240 ~ 320 mesh sandpaper back and forth grinding the edge of the painted water, here should pay attention to the next way, try to polished neatly. During the grinding process, the edge of the painted water will deepen the color, and then gradually fade, because the water will be absorbed and evaporated, so the color will continue to wet after the light, and then repeated grinding.
When the edge of the shape after finishing out that you want , for a higher mesh sandpaper to polish, generally 600 ~ 800 mesh is enough, if you want to be more delicate effect, then you can use 1200 mesh, but if you continue to rise High there is no meaning, and can only play the role of polishing.
You need to polish the edge of the edge coated with liquid, pay attention to the sealing liquid do not apply to the leather surface, polished place as much as possible to paint evenly.

In the sealing liquid is not dry state, with the most appropriate groove of the grinding bar along the edge back and forth grinding. The advantage of the grinding bar is that it can shape the uneven place during the grinding process. But there are shortcomings, that is, the groove can not be fully consistent with the edge, so if you have enough confidence in their own grinding side, you can directly use linen to polish.
Polished and then coated with side sealing liquid, wait until it can dry up. This is to fill the cracks in the grinding process of grinding rods.
In addition to its easy to polish the good results, the main effect of sealing liquid can improve the edge of the strength, thereby enhancing the durability. But the sealing liquid also has a drawback is that after the friction is easy to become dirty, so it is best in the sealing liquid after the dry, and then coated with a layer of edging wax, so not only to prevent dirty, but also to maintain the edge of the brightness.

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