How To Choose A Best Leather Messenger Bag | Tips For Buying A Quality Leather Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is a type of sack, that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. In modern times, messenger bags have been man’s travel and work companion for a long time. In particular, the leather messenger bag has become the best choice between a formal briefcase and a casual backpack. Because it meets both the daily needs and the travel.

So how to choose a quality leather messenger bag? What do you need to pay attention to when you buy a bag? There are some suggestions for your reference.

1. The Quality Of Leather Used

No matter what brand or style of messenger bag you choose, the material of the bag is the first question to be considered. Quality leather improves with age – the bag should look fantastic even after a decade of use. Over time, leather changes color and develops an attractive patina. There’s no doubt that the full grain leather is the best material and makes the most durable bag.

men leather messenger bag
2. The Accessories

Accessories usually refer to hardware, lining fabric, shoulder strap fittings, zipper, etc. The hardware materials used for the messenger bag affect its durability and appearance. Usually we recommend brass hardware which is durable and beautiful. For the lining fabric and shoulder strap fittings, they must conform to the overall style of the bag, and zippers need not be easy to rust.

Check that the materials are of good quality. In store, this is a simple task of turning the bag and studying the details. If you are purchasing a bag online, zoom in to the product pictures and observe the quality of the fittings.

best bag hardwares

3. Choosing The Right Style

For this question, first of all you have to be clear that the bag is used on what occasion. Then choose a style that appropriate for your lifestyle. The most distinctive difference between styles is between hard-sided cases and soft-sided versions. The prevailing style may change from time to time, but both versions are appropriate for the office and widely available.


4. Flexibility Of Space

The leather messenger bag has a lot of size, and the corresponding internal design is different. The primary consideration for buying a messenger bag should be what you need to carry in it. If you have to carry a laptop, you need to consider the size of your laptop and buy the bag that can store it. You should always have enough compartments within your messenger bag to keep the contents as organized as possible, especially if you carry a lot of things.

leather inside

5. The Color Of The Messenger Bag

The most popular colors are brown, dark brown and black. These three colors can applicable to a variety of occasions. Dark brown and black are best suited for a professional environment. Brown and other lighter colors are better suited for casual purposes.
Note that it’s not necessary that the color of the messenger bag should match your belt and shoes. It’s okay to have a brown shoes and brown belt and dark brown bag.

vintage brown leather bag

6. The Cost Of The Leather Messenger Bag

A cheap leather messenger bag may cost little, but it will need to be replaced sooner than a more expensive one. If you choose a luxury brand, the quality of the bag is guaranteed. At the same time, the cost is also the highest. A good guideline is to buy the highest quality affordable.
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