The 5 Best Styles of Leather Briefcases. | What kind of briefcase do you fit in?

In the daily work, in addition to dressing style, what else can not be ignored? The answer is your bag. No matter what your career is, you maybe carry a bag with you to work. So, what kind of bag is suitable for you?

I think a leather briefcase can satisfy the majority of people because it’s convenient. A Briefcase is the perfect size for carrying everything such as a laptop, a wallet, files, pens, etc.

Besides that, the leather briefcase has been the symbol of successful men, and a perfect briefcase can give you the look of a mature working professional.

We choose 5 most representative styles of leather briefcases for reference.

men leather briefcase

This kind of briefcase is the most popular style because it can suit for different situations. You can take it to the office or on a trip.

Its structure is reasonable and can satisfy different needs. It has two pockets in the front and a laptop sleeve inside.

The tan brown not only goes with your formal suit, but also your jacket.

men leather laptop bag

This is the true meaning of the briefcase. It is only suitable for formal occasions.

It has a laptop sleeve and a zipper pocket inside to divide the interior into two parts. You can sort out your things better.

Moreover, the external long zipper makes it more convenient to use.

best men leather briefcase

If you are looking for a briefcase that is casual while still leaving a professional impression on people, then this style is the best choice.

It is detailed dividing the various parts, such as cell pocket, wallet pocket, pen slots. And it has two main pockets, so you can make your bag more neatly and quickly find what you want.

simple men leather briefcase

Are you weary of those sophisticated designs, and want a simple and elegant bag? So this style is prepared for you.

It has a simple appearance and a reasonable internal structure which including a zipper pocket, a cell pocket, a wallet pocket and a laptop sleeve. This is an ideal daily bag.

vertical men leather briefcase

It is no doubt that this is a briefcase and its advantage lies in its flexibility. Its shoulder straps are removable, so it can turn into a single-shoulder bag or a backpack. That is to say, whether you are an office worker or a student, you can use this bag conveniently.

Which style do you like? All the briefcases mentioned above come from RockCow Leather Studio. Welcome to RockCow Leather Studio to pick up and buy the goods you like.


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