How to Choose a Leather Wallet? | Tips for Buying a Quality Wallet. | Where Can Buy a Cheaper Wallet?

Even if we’re approaching the era of the digital wallet, most of us are still use cards and cash to pay. Under the circumstances, a wallet is the one thing most people should have. A wallet is a personal thing and it says a lot about you. It is not only literally hold your identity but speaks about who you are. So it's important to choose a wallet that suits your identity, and you need to make sure a few essential questions before you buy a wallet.

1. In most cases, are you a card customer or are you a cash keeper?

2. Are your clothes more formal or more casual?

3. Are you used to putting your wallet in your pocket or in a bag?

Depending on these questions you could pick from the following styles of wallets.

Billfold Wallet

Billfold Wallet

The classic and most common type of wallet, also called the bifold. It is designed to carry cash and credit cards. In consideration of its small size, it is perfect for those who like to keep it in the back pocket of their pants.

Checkbook Wallet

checkbook wallet

This style is designed to be carried in the long pocket of a men's jacket or in a woman's handbag. These wallets are large in size and commonly have many card slots and a zipper pocket. They are long enough to hold a checkbook, and that cash is inserted flat and never need folding.

Money Clip

Money Clip

A money clip wallet is the minimum. It has a few card slots and no coin pocket. If you want to carry some cash, you should fold in half. Money clip wallet is a small, lightweight wallet, easily carried in any pants or jacket pocket, and fit to those who use only one or two cards and prefer to carry cash instead of coins.

When you confirm the style of your wallet, next, you need to choose the material. Wallets can be made from a variety of materials, but a wallet made from leather has many benefits over wallets made from other materials. Most notably, leather wallets have some advantages over wallets made of other materials, which including durability, practicality, and style.

A genuine leather wallet can last for years if well maintained. Apart from its durability, leather wallets tend to look even better as time goes by. Because of the diversity of the leather, most of popular styles are made of leather.

Although the leather wallet has many advantages, its price is higher than other material wallets. So where can buy high quality and inexpensive leather wallets? We usually turn to the Internet at this time. It’s well known that the goods online are generally cheaper than in store, even if they have the same quality. But you also have to pay attention to choosing a reliable shop to buy.

There is a brand recommendation for you. The brand is RockCow.

RockCow Leather Studio is a handmade leather studio, which has been involved in this professional line for more 10 years. Their studio focus on designing and hand stitching advanced handmade leather products. I believe you can choose a best leather wallet to use for decades.


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