How to Choose Man's Wallet : Complete Tutorial

The wallet is a necessary accessory for a gentleman. Don't give in to a plain, heavy wallet. Your wallet is usually your first impression, your daily carry, and your partner. Take a look at our complete wallet selection tutorial and you won't be disappointed.

1. The Phone Wallet

Best suited for: Bring your iPhone, money and CARDS with you. 

Full grain leather is a fantastic material, It's very durable, very soft and strong.

wallet2.The Credit Card Wallet

Best suited for: A little cash, credit CARDS and ID CARDS.

Cash is fast becoming an old thing, and a slim credit card purse is perfect for minimalists who still carry a credit card.

You can put a lot on the interior. It stays slim and light. Just squeeze the sides together and fill them up with spare change and cash. Even if the inside is full, you can still put a lot of CARDS in the outside pocket. It's a huge gain for a credit card so slender.

wallet3.The Passport Wallet

Best suited for: Diversity and style of travel

When you're traveling, this wallet acts as your traveling companion. It has all the features of a double-fold wallet, a leather travel wallet that can hold a passport, airline ticket, cash and up to 5 CARDS.


4.The Big Bi-fold Wallet

Best suited for: The guy who has everything

A close look reveals that it is unique. One particularly handy feature is that you can put a lot of CARDS in. With six separate card pockets and two full cash cabinets, you can really carry anything.


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