How to protect and clean your leather bag?

How to clean your leather bag?

We people all like using genuine leather bags cause they are durable and elegant. But as the world is big and full of terrors, your leather bag might get some stains such as grease, mud, ink, food etc. So how to protect and clean your leather bag? Here are a few rules of thumb to remember:

1) The sooner you treat the stain the better are the chances to get rid of it.

2) Only use specialist leather cleaners but not all leather cleaners are the right ones for your bag. Never use baby wipes, vinegar or any other ‘home remedy’ for cleaning. Many of these products have chemicals and substances in them that can cause drying or colour loss.

3) Never use water on grease stains...these should simply wipe off leather surfaces. DON’T use body creams on leather. Body lotion, hand cream and moisturiser can cause unwanted grease stains. Avoid touching your bag straight after moisturizing.

4) The key to removing ink marks is to treat them straight away... your first and best bet is to take your bag to see a professional as soon as possible. If you're unable to, try a special ink removing product for leather and follow the care instructions, making sure to condition the area afterwards and leave to dry properly.If the ink stains are old... don't try to remove these yourself. They will likely be too stubborn and will need professional care.

5) To banish ever-lingering smells... put an open container of baking powder carefully inside your bag, place your bag into a dustbag or pillow case and leave for 24 hours. The baking powder should absorb any unwanted odors.

Here are some advice of how to protect your leather bag:

1) Don't leave your handbag in direct sunlight.

2) Keep your bag in a dust bag when not in use. If your handbag came with a dust bag, use it! This will prevent the build-up of dust when it’s not in use and prevent any accidental scuffs. If you don’t have a dust bag, use a pillowcase.

3) Keep your bag stuffed. When not in use, stuff your bag with bubble wrap or even some old clothing to help keep its shape.

4) DO treat your bags regularly. Prevention is better than cure so treat your leather bags with a good-quality leather cream every 2-3 months to keep it supple.Proper protection can prevent staining, grease penetration and can prevent all manner of issues later on.


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