The difference between Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather

In our daily life, almost everyone use leather products, and everyone knows Top Grain Leather and Genuine Leather. Do you know Full Grain Leather? Perhaps there’s someone. Then do you know what is the different between Top Grain Leather and Full Grain Leather? We’d be happy to discuss it with you.

As is known to all, leather is from animal. Animals live in a natural environment, they do not protect their skin like we people do. They lie on the ground, through wind and rain, and there are mosquito bites. So the living environment determines the quality of their leather. Beyond that, the animal's diet and nutrition; the age and sex of the animal; the care taken during slaughter and some other factor also affects the quality of the leather.

full grain leather

Next we will compare their differences in the following aspects.

1. The quality of the leather

Full Grain Leather is considered among the best quality leather available.

Top Grain Leather is the second high quality leather.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather2. The material they use

Full Grain Leather choose the leather form captive breeding cow and be castrated cow, their leather are more dense than the other, with larger sheets and less scars. In addition, Full Grain Leather made from the top layer of the animal’s leather which side that grows or scales, this part is the strongest and most durable part of the animal. The Full Grain Leather is the strongest, most durable form of leather.

In most cases, there are some scars on animal’s skin, so we have to remove a slight section of the upper skin, if the animal's skin is thicker, the workers will cut it into two parts, and the upper part which has high density fibrous tissue will be processed into Top Grain Leather, the other part will be processed into Genuine Leather. Top Grain Leather is durable, not easy to break.

top grain leather3. Machining process

Full Grain Leather treated by transparent aniline dyes, but it still can clearly see the pores and grain features of the animal. 

Top Grain Leather: After remove the upper layer of the animal’s skin, the leather will be polished, GRIZZLY LEATHER, PU paint sprayed, knurled, etc.

4. The characteristics of the leather

A: Air permeability: Because it’s processing is less and the coat is very thin, Full Grain Leather is better than Top Grain Leather in terms of air permeability.

B: Surface texture: Full Grain Leather intact grain surface, the pores are clear, small, compact, irregular arrangement, the surface is full and detailed, extremely rich flexibility, and it’s surface has a layer of natural wax. The clearer the surface of the Full-Grain Leather is, the higher the grade is;

Top Grain Leather retains most of the natural leather style, the pore is more elliptic, the hand feeling is harder than Full Grain Leather. Because of the modification, the surface is free of disability and scar.

C: Full Grain Leather is softer than Top Grain Leather, what’s more, it will be nicer and softer as you use it longer.

D: Whether it can be dyed: Top Grain Leather can not be dyed, but Full Grain Leather can be dyed.

brown full grain leather5. The price of the leather

Full Grain Leather is more expensive than Top Grain Leather because it’s scarcer and higher required material.

6. Usable range

Full Grain Leather is mainly used for making top quality leather bags and accessories.

Top Grain Leather is widely used for making high quality leather bags and accessories.

After our elaboration, do you have a certain understanding about the difference between Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather? We’ll feel happy if it can help you to choose leather products in your life. What’s more, if you want to buy full grain leather bags, welcome to visit our shop.


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